where have we been? what’s going on? – an update


if I had it my way, reckless radio would be a 24/7 station playing across the world; alternative music fans could listen, enjoying their favourite songs knowing that people in another continent might be singing along at the same time. if we’re really pushing the boat out, the reckless radio festival happens every summer, spending one weekend in various cities across the globe. we have exclusive interviews with the artists I love, and some bands even choose to premiere their newest music on our show.
sadly, I don’t live in that world. I’m not going to quit the dream, but right now, a few things are holding me back.
first of all: I’m still in school. I have some pretty important exams in a few weeks time, and I’ll probably still be studying for the next five years after those. however, there is a positive side to this – after my exams I get ten weeks of glorious summer holidays to spend going to concerts, travelling with my friends, and (most importantly!) bringing reckless a few steps closer to my goal. and, after these exams, the subjects I take narrow to only the ones I truly care about, meaning that studying will be more fun and therefore take up less of my time – so I can devote a few more hours to reckless each week.
so that’s looking up, but there’s a second issue: money. playing out on upload radio isn’t free, and although we’re beginning to research ways to become 24 hours this summer, that costs even more money. there are three ways I can think of for us to legitimately produce revenue (not for profit, but for us to be able to spend on equipment and broadcasting etc), which are merchandise, advertising, and donations. I am looking into ways for us to sell merchandise soon, so stick with us, but one way you could help out is just letting us know via email, comments or any social media platform what kinds of products you would be interested in and the rough pricing you would see as fair. again, I’m working on finding advertisers, but felt it was important to stress that we will only ever advertise brands or companies we believe in and genuinely want to share with you – I want all the products to be in some way related to music or the alternative scene, for example concert ticket websites, hair dye, or clothing brands. and finally, donations! I am, once again, looking into which sites would suit us best, as I’m not too knowledgable on how kickstarter and patreon work. please don’t feel obligated or pressured to donate if we do set one up, however – the idea is just that if you want to, or have money to spare, it would help us a lot to be able to continue to create content.

we have a lot of exciting ideas at the moment on what kinds of features we might introduce when we’re back up and running – somebody suggested an agony aunt section, which I love the sound of, but I’m also planning quizzes and competitions. listener interactivity and participation is important to me as I want to make sure reckless radio is reflective of all aspects of alternative music, not just the bits I like. please feel free to message me with any ideas if you have them!

the other issue I wanted to address was the fact that our shows are currenly unavailable to listen back to. this is because they expire on radioplayer after 30 days, but we’re looking to re-upload them very soon so you can all enjoy them again 🙂

I know that this post is a bit all over the place, and contained a lot of “soon”s and “maybe”s, but it lets you all know that we’re still working away behind the scenes. regardless of whether we can sort everything out, I wanted to say thank you for the support and feedback we’ve recieved over the past few months. please continue to share us with your friends and listen to new shows as they come out, and I can’t wait to share music again with you all soon 🙂

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