“Well start your own, then”


Paul writes…

“The stuff they play on Radio One is so irritating,” Lucy complained to me one day. “One minute they’re playing really good stuff, the next it’s rubbish.”

I asked whether commercial stations anywhere were any better, but she explained that while some of them again played really good stuff, there was loads of old rock thrown in too that wasn’t, because they clearly want to attract older people to attract more advertisers.

So I suggested she start her own somehow. There must be a way.

So this is what we’re doing. We’re starting our own radio station.

Firstly I suggested we call it Lucy, after her. A friend of mine launched Jack FM in Oxford ten-odd years ago which has become a really successful almost national station, so giving it a human name seemed like a good idea. But she just didn’t like it. Then one day when listening to All Time Low in the car, her Mum suggested Reckless which she loved. So welcome to Reckless Radio.

Although her mum  and I are supporting it, it’s Lucy’s radio station and her project to do. She’s 16 and about to take her GCSEs so it’s a project to take her mind off her studies, but it’s also something she’s deadly serious about getting right.

The downside is, we don’t have much money to get it going and radio stations can cost millions. The upside is I used to be a radio presenter myself, as well as a newsreader and football commentator. I stopped when children came along… or lifestyle inhibitors as they’re now known. I now mainly write about, and help people deal with, traffic jams. Yes, really. It’s better at paying the bills.

But the good news is, I know people who will help us out and really will turn this from Lucy’s dream to a reality. Firstly I know Danny who has the World’s Best Voice. Danny’s going to record our station imaging, our idents. And my friend Greg has, as luck would have it, his own company that owns DAB multiplexes in the UK. Now even at mate’s rates, we can’t afford to be on all the time, but Greg can get us on his Upload Radio project which will mean we are available on UK Radioplayer and through Upload pay all the necessary royalties without it costing a fortune. So that’s where we’re going to start, for a few hours a week while we find our feet, share Lucy’s dream and build listeners. Then we can find some advertisers and sponsors and add to the number of hours until we get to the point we can be 24 hours a day, everywhere.

That’s the dream. Come with us while Lucy makes it reality….

Now over to Lucy to tell us why a chance meeting surely means she’ll make it work….

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