• Danny

    The Voice
    Danny is our voiceover, which is handy because he has the best voice in the world. He makes all our station imaging, our idents that make the station sound great. He’s been on the radio as long as anyone can remember, on stations in Nottingham, Colchester and Oxford as well as the minor issue of reading the news to the planet on BBC World Service with an estimated audience per programme of 58 million! Oh , and he’s also the nicest person you’d ever hope to meet so we really like him!
  • Lucy

    The boss, it's her idea!
    Lucy loves music and going to concerts and is frustrated with the lack of "her" kind of music on the radio... so she's solving it by starting her own station. And Matty from the 1975 told her, when they bumped into each other after she'd had her first meeting about Reckless Radio, that it sounded a great idea... so it has to be! Lucy's passion for music and presentation ability has already been recognised by the radio industry - she won Best in Music at the Audio and Radio Industry Awards - Young Arias in London in May 2019.
  • Paul

    Paul has loved radio all his life so he jumped at the chance of helping set up a brand new radio station playing brilliant music. He has presented and read the news on local and national radio and was a reporter on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday for eight years.