So what have we learned?


Well, we’ve been on air a month now with the songs playing out of an old Lenovo laptop in our spare room.

Yes, that’s how a radio station works these days – we don’t have DJs sitting playing the songs manually (as Paul used to do on radio stations from Nottingham to Cardiff, Guernsey to Dunstable) but it all plays out on a piece of software, which is what makes Reckless Radio possible on a minuscule budget.

We’ve learned that the songs are good, although we need to play with the rotation so that you don’t have the same band or artist playing within minutes of each other.  We’ve learned that we need more of the lesser-known songs to go with the “corkers” that are the anthems that define our station.  And we’ve discovered that the piece of software we bought to (legally) rip some songs to add to our playlist is rubbish and that we keep finding songs that end and then you get the start of the next song for a bit which then stops abruptly.  So we know that needs fixing.

We also know that doing the stuff for Reckless is tough when you’re starting a new college or crazy busy at work (as Lucy and Paul are at the moment) but some half term time off will allow us a few days to really work on it.

We’ve also learned that people listen!  Despite the fact we’re only a tiny way we’re through what we want to do with the station (which includes the application we’ve put in to be on DAB multiplexes broadcasting alongside all other UK radio stations in our area as well as online), it sounds OK and we can see that people from across the UK and beyond, including South America and Australia as well as Europe and the USA, are llistening.  As Lucy put it, it’s like a Spotify playlist where your favourite songs come round more often but with some other stuff you don’t necessarily know or don’t hear as often.

Because they’re test transmissions, bear with us for things that aren’t right and do keep sending back your feedback.  Listen out for a few changes in a few weeks time, hopefully you’ll agree for the better.

Thanks as always to our wide range of friends and experts who’ve helped us get this far and are continuing to assist in making it better.

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