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I am working towards creating a 24 hour independent online radio station playing nothing but the great alternative music the others hardly bother with, because radio is brilliant but none of the existing stations plays the music I love. As you may imagine, there are many costs associated with running a station, and we don’t yet create any revenue as we’re providing the station online for free. Reckless Radio does currently stream from 24/7; however, due to the lack of income, we are limited to using very basic software for our playout system and music scheduler, and the laptop we use to create the entire station (I use it for editing, scheduling and actually streaming the station!) is also very old and slow. The money we (hopefully) raise from this campaign from listeners’ generosity would allow us to pay our PRS license and streaming costs for another year, essentially allowing us to stay on air. With future campaigns we would love to then fund an upgrade to all our software, and purchase a brand-new laptop. The industry has already recognised Reckless’s potential by presenting me with the Young Aria award for ‘Best In Music’ 2019, so really the major obstacle holding us back is a lack of funds!

I am only seventeen, so an obvious challenge to this project is my age – and the fact that I need to study for my exams, go to college, and do all the other general life things that come with being a teenager does slightly prevent me from just locking myself away and spending all my time building a radio station, no matter how much I might want to. However, my passion – as proven by the ARIA award – has meant that so far I’ve managed to be successful in both school and radio, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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