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You may or may not remember when we launched with a couple of pilot shows back at the beginning of the year, we said one day we’d like to be 24 hours a day.  Well, we have some news…

Firstly, the reason we weren’t on all the time the moment we came up with the idea was because it’s expensive to run a radio station – you have to pay the licences for the music, streaming costs, hardware, software… well, the list goes on.  So we used Upload Radio which had already covered all those so all we had to do was cover the cost of our time (and actually they were really nice and did it for us at a great rate to get going).

Then, sadly, Upload Radio closed down and that way of broadcasting disappeared.  So we were “off air.”

We then had a choice, give up or bite the bullet, raid our piggy banks and launch anyway.  We’ve gone for the launch option.

So over the summer we’ve been working hard.  We’ve got a great little computer to run our station, bought the radio playout software which lets us format and then broadcast the music, found a streaming supplier and started putting it together.

It’s not quick – because the software is so flexible, it’s not completely intuitive and therefore making changes involves quite a lot of googling and advice.  Each song needs us to do all sorts of tweaks – adding in extra data to make it play properly.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

Getting us to the point when we can broadcast to the standard we’d love will take us ages, but in the meantime the playout system is churning out great song after great song which we’re listening to every time we go into our little studio.  But we’re not sharing it with you yet.

And we thought – why not?  It’s not great yet, but as business people will tell us “great is the enemy of good”… ie if you wait forever to be great, you’ll never do anything, but if you settle at the start for “good”, you get there much quicker and its usually better than you think.

So what we’re saying is WE’RE ABOUT TO LAUNCH.  We’re going to have an online radio station 24/7 streaming around the world playing great music that the other stations hardly bother with.  It’s a work in progress… we’ll constantly be tweaking the format, the mix of songs, features etc.  But it’ll be on air and it’ll give you a chance to give your feedback, suggest songs and help make Reckless Radio what we want it to be.

Oh, and you’ll get to hear great music playing at you whenever you want it.

In the next few days we’ll give you more details about when we’re on air, how you can help us fund the station so we can not only launch but keep it on air, and why the way we choose music will likely be different from most other stations.

In the meantime, just a quick thanks to a load of people who have helped us with ideas, software recommendations, streaming, the website, music formatting and everything else.  We’ll do a full roll call in due course but whatever you’ve done to help us – you know who you are and we are more grateful than you could ever know.

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